What Holidays Could Look Like Under The New Normal

COVID 19 has ushered in a period of change that has brought about the concept of a new normal. Our schools, our shopping and even the way we interact with one another has been greatly altered. We’ve had to get used to a new way of living during the pandemic and it’s likely that social distancing will remain with us for years to come. England is currently preparing to enter into phase 3 and by the 4th July many non-essential businesses in the hospitality sector will open up again. As we begin to move forward our world will have to become accustomed to a new normal. What will holidays in the future look like and what can you expect?

With no vaccine currently available it’s a no-brainer that airports and other modes of travel will be altered to ensure customer safety. With new regulations stating that face coverings are to be made mandatory on all London transport, your new normal will begin even before you get to the airport. Once at the airport be prepared for longer wait times and staggered entry as a number of new safety precautions will be in place. Airports like Heathrow and Gatwick have already started to implement changes by providing PPE to staff, installing hand sanitiser stations and closing off non-essential facilities.[1] More change is expected as a spokesperson for Heathrow said that they have already begun investing in a next generation security programme that will reduce the need for person-to-person contact.[2] During your journey you’ll be expected to wear a face mask and there will no longer be food service available on flights. Some in the travel industry are worried that the restrictions will make flying less appealing and expect to see a dip in the number of travellers post lock-down.

Now that you’ve arrived at your destination – what can you expect? It’s clear that spontaneous holidays will be a thing of the past with many resorts and hotels demanding booking in advance. Be prepared before your travels by checking up on the latest regulations and the policies of any hotels or resorts that you visit. Policies will vary but what you can generally expect is less person-to-person contact and stricter cleaning measures. This could mean mini-bars will be removed and check out times could be earlier to allow for deeper cleaning.[3] Contactless payment is already starting to become the preferred method of payment and it is likely that hotels will not accept cash in future.

With all the policies and restrictions in place the idea of travelling again can seem daunting. Though all restrictions are necessary they can take away from the holiday experience. Maybe staycations will become more fashionable and in many ways this is good for our environment as it could see a fall in greenhouse gas emissions. Our world has to get moving again and these changes are key to ensuring our economy grows and that we’re on the road to financial recovery.

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