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We do not do anything without first laying down a solid strategic legal framework, based on real and relevant research. If you’re looking for smart work based on powerful insights culminating in excellent problem-solving, then you have come to the right place.

Deliverables //

legal ANALYSIS // precision drafting // advocacy
non contentious advisory // mediation // arbitration


We are commercial specialist advocates trained at the highest level to be persuasive and not argumentative. Communication to a successful culmination is an art learnt over time, with care, patience and respect. Arrogance and isolation we do not do.. We provide specialist, smart, solution-based advocates with deliverables pre-programmed by the best training.

Deliverables //

applications // litigation // trial
ONE-ON-ONE // speeches // settlement


We are specialists with documents. That is how we were trained and what we continue to train together as a team. We do not cut and copy. We think. We create. We solve. We work towards your goals when settling contracts, structuring, creating companies, managing M&As and forming joint ventures. All based on real and relevant research. We provide true solution-based writers who understand the fundamentals of the written legal word.

Deliverables //

contracts // data analysis // structuring
solutions // confidentiality // creation


We are dedicated to work with the education system at all levels to provide access to the legal profession and, in particular, life at the Bar. We are always looking to educate and inspire the next generation of lawyers.

Deliverables //

School talks // chambers visits //
university work fairs // mooting competitions // CULTURAL OBSERVATION


Whitestone Chambers involves itself with the community. When you enagage with us know that this allows our excellent team of barristers to give to others. If you are looking to procure legal services from commercial lawyers who also spend productive quality time working with charities and community then you have come to the right place.

Deliverables //

Citizenship foundation // Pegasus Sponsors //
social mobility foundation // bar in the community // student placements


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