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Whitestone Chambers
Chambers of Lawrence Power
4 King’s Bench Walk



Chambers’ reputation is founded upon the quality of our specialist advocacy and advice. We place great emphasis on building and sustaining strong relationships with clients through a dedicated clerking team and as individual tenants. In addition, we provide a planned structure for the career development of each new tenant.

In line with planned expansion, applications are invited from commercial and civil law practitioners. Applications should include a curriculum vitae and covering letter, and should be addressed to Recruitment. All applications or contact will be treated with the utmost confidence.

Location and Rent

Chambers is located in one of the oldest surviving buildings in Temple. With modern amenities we provide an ideal location for both established and more junior practitioners. Members have access to up-to-date IT facilities in the building and the superb online and traditional resources of the Inner Temple Library are but 50 metres away.

As a modern set of chambers, the infrastructure, staff and business plan have been built and structured around the needs of successful practising barristers rather than legacy policies and procedures. This streamlined approach to delivery of services and complementary administration, coupled with transparent and regulated fiscal management, produces a first class administrative hub and low rents. A fixed rent structure is extremely beneficial for successful senior practitioners who are not penalised on their receipts. Forward planning, with short and medium term goals, is supported by Chambers’ operating policy.

Facilities and Technology

Chambers has two bespoke, dedicated conference rooms providing a modern, comfortable working environment for meetings and presentations. We operate IRIS Law, which is available networked to members in chambers and also available to members by remote access from their home computers or smart phones. Members have access to the Chambers’ network and all desks are individually networked by ADSL or by wireless access point. All members have their own e-mail system and personal direct telephone lines in addition to Chambers’ general numbers.

Equal Opportunities

We implement an equal opportunities policy for selection of pupils and tenants. We select candidates solely on merit irrespective of race, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, marital status, religion or belief, age or disability. We will also make reasonable adjustments for disabled candidates.

Pupillage Applications

At Whitestone Chambers, we recognise that pupillage is an important stage of a barrister’s career. First and foremost, it is an opportunity to develop the skills which the pupil will use throughout his or her practice and to observe others putting those skills into practice. Second, it is a time for the pupil to get to know the individuals who make up Chambers and to decide whether he or she wants to build his or her career amongst them. Third, it is an opportunity for the pupil to put developing skills into practice and, hopefully, to secure a tenancy.

We do not embrace the old-fashioned perception of pupillage as a year-long interview. Whilst securing a tenancy is an important aim for most of our pupils, we believe that the emphasis of a pupillage at Whitestone Chambers should be on the pupil’s development as a barrister as well as on his or her assessment as a future tenant.

Our pupillages are designed to achieve this goal.In developing this philosophy Chambers prides itself on offering a modern innovate approach to pupillage. Chambers operates a structured development of advocacy and skills training in the first six months, and in the second six emphasis will be in developing court advocacy skills. Our experience shows this route develops strong advocates with advanced skills in case management and preparation.

Applicants for first six pupillage will be expected to have performed at a high academic level and show a commitment to develop their acquired legal skills for successful practice at the Bar. All first six applicants seeking a second six in Chambers will need to reapply to secure a second six.

Applicants for second six pupillages must demonstrate a solid grounding in basic practice and procedure. Prior to selection, applicants should expect to produce examples of written work and references for both academic training and also professional work.

At each stage of the interview process, Whitestone Chambers will apply the guidance set out in the Equality Code for the Bar. In particular, care is taken to ensure:

  • All interviews have a common structure and that similar questions are asked of each candidate.

  • All questions will avoid personal relationships and family composition which are irrelevant to suitability; and no assumptions will be made about a candidate’s abilities or potential based upon age, race, sex, sexual orientation or disability.

To assist applicants to put together their pupillage application chambers has set out a selection criteria. Applications and interviews are not designed to require tricks and stunts. We hope by setting out what we are looking for we assist applicants consider with care what is required and what they need to show to us in writing and orally.

Objective Selection Criteria

Pupillage Objective Selection Criteria 2018

How to Apply

Chambers does not subscribe to the Pupillage Gateway. However, in accordance with the rules all our pupillages are advertised on the Pupillage Gateway website, which can be found here.

Applications for pupillage are to be made in writing to chambers to include a one page covering letter and 2 page C.V. marked for the attention of Pupillage Application.

An assessed mini pupillage may be required.

We are committed to equal opportunities and diversity, and aim to select candidates for both pupillage and tenancy solely on merit irrespective of age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. We will consider any reasonable adjustments needed to ensure that you can participate in our selection process fairly.

Chambers of Lawrence Power

4 King’s Bench Walk

First Six Pupillage Experience:
Timothy Wake

On my first day of pupillage, I did not know what to expect. I knew the basics of what pupillage was supposed to be like but practically I really had no idea. I thought it would be like an extended mini-pupillage, however although in a mini-pupillage you get a taste for what pupillage is like...


Second Six Pupillage Experience:
Christopher McCarthy

Having finished my first six in chambers, I felt, going into the second six, a mixture of excitement at being on my feet with my own case load and apprehension about dealing with the challenges of the modern Bar, fortunately Whitestone Chambers operates a guaranteed earnings scheme. That being said, in typical Whitestone Chambers style, there was always a friendly and collegiate atmosphere around chambers, regardless of call, in which to bounce ideas and get assistance when required.


Mini Pupillage

Our Chambers

Whitestone Chambers is a dynamic civil law set of barristers’ chambers based in the Temple.Chambers prides itself on delivering excellence in all areas of service. Our tenants are dedicated to applying the vast range of their knowledge in the representation of their clients’ interests, from skilled advisory work and tenacious negotiation to meticulous drafting and fearless advocacy.

Our Work

Here at Whitestone Chambers our barristers have unrivalled experience and a plethora of expertise. Our focus remains on corporate civil law work spanning Insolvency, Aviation, Commercial and Chancery, to name a few. As one of the UKs finest sets of chambers, Whitestone Chambers undertakes some of the most commercially cutting edge advisory and litigation work; we hold ourselves to the highest standards but maintain a friendly atmosphere.

What Do We Look For In a Candidate?

The ideal candidate should possess great intellectual ability, be highly motivated to undertake a large commercial work load and must have exceptional communication skills both written and oral, with a particular ability to examine legal problems. We search for candidates who are driven and motivated to pursue a career at the commercial bar.

The Mini Pupillage

Mini pupillages are a crucial part of our application process and Chambers' ethos. For individuals interested in acquiring further experience of the Bar, commercial work, and Chambers in particular. Completing a Mini-Pupillage at Whitestone Chambers will be an invaluable experience. Here at Whitestone Chambers we offer mini-pupillages of 3 or 5 days duration throughout the legal year. A mini-pupil typically spends time with several different members of Chambers and can expect to attend court, mediation/tribunal hearings or conferences. In addition, there will be an opportunity to revise legal paperwork and complete legal research. Generally mini-pupillages are not assessed. They represent an opportunity for the mini-pupil to get a better idea of the practice and people of Whitestone Chambers.

My Experience of Mini

Ben Sulley

My Experience of Mini

Charlotte Ashmore

Samuel Jarman

My Experience of Mini

Rachel Norgate

Diana Kostina

My Experience of Mini

Diana Kostina

How to apply

Candidates are encouraged to apply for a mini-pupillage as far in advance as possible; Chambers receives many applications and spaces fill up quickly.

To apply for a mini-pupillage at Whitestone Chambers your applications it to be made in writing to chambers and include a one page covering letter and C.V no more than two pages.

Chambers of Lawrence Power
4 Kings Bench Walk

Ben Sulley

Having never stepped in a law firm never mind a barrister’s chambers, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I arrived at Whitestone Chambers for a four-day mini-pupillage. What I found was an extremely friendly yet professional atmosphere, and I would like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome.

Day one began with Matthew, a pupil in Chambers, taking me on a tour of some of the courts in London. As I live in Mid Wales and study at the University of Birmingham, this was the first opportunity I had had to visit the Royal Courts of Justice and the Rolls Building. The tour put into perspective how the courts mentioned in various law reports we are required to read as law students really are not that distant as they seem. It was also interesting to see the contrast between the procedures of the various courts. For example, in the Rolls Building where some cases are over in seconds.

The tour ended and I headed straight to the County Court at Clerkenwell and Shoreditch to spend the afternoon sitting in on a road traffic accident claim. The case was due to start at 12:00pm but was delayed to later in the afternoon. The client and I headed to a local café to have lunch in the meantime – something unique to my mini-pupillage I’m sure. This case allowed me to pick up on some things that barristers do in their day-to-day lives that I did not expect to see, such as not standing up when addressing the judge. Following the case I had the opportunity to ask questions on what I had just witnessed, my thanks go to Helen for answering them.

The next morning was spent in Chambers, reading the papers for the costs and case management hearing to be attended later in the afternoon. Having the opportunity to read the bundle beforehand allowed me to see the relationship between barrister and lawyer, and the process that leads up to attending court. The clinical negligence case was not only relative to my current studies but also showed how much each court can vary, from the kindness of the judge to the way in which barristers advocate. I would like to thank Christopher for his help that afternoon.

I got an insight into a completely new area of law on the third day. Despite having no knowledge of aviation law, I had no difficulty in diving into the case bundle in front of me. I liked how it was far more technical than the two other cases I had already experienced, and I would jump at the chance to gain more experience in this area of law.

My final day in Chambers began with a visit to the Rolls building. The case I was supposed to see was adjourned, so I was allowed to sit in on a case that was of interest of me. Given that this was the day before Good Friday, there was only one possible case available (I did not realise to what extent the legal industry shut down days before a public holiday). The case was a land dispute regarding easements. Again, this opportunity allowed me to contrast various ways of advocacy and the different tolerance levels of judges of different levels.

The afternoon was spent with Lawrence, the Head of Chambers, focusing on commercial awareness. Being so focused on legal principles and cases, as a law student it is easy to forget that a barrister’s chambers is a business. I am extremely grateful that Lawrence gave me this opportunity to see chambers from a completely different point of view.

I would encourage anyone aiming for a career at the Bar to apply for a mini-pupillage at Whitestone Chambers. The four days spent in Chambers provided an excellent insight into life at the Bar. I would like to thank Rob and John for arranging a smooth and interesting mini-pupillage.

Charlotte Ashmore

My time spent completing a mini-pupillage at chambers was a most insightful one. Not only was I exposed to many areas of the law, such as aviation and personal injury, but I learned first hand how life as a pupil, and indeed barrister, plays out.

The majority of my time was taken up with attending court with barristers. As I accompanied different ones each day I had the opportunity to witness not only different cases but different stages of the proceedings. I also learned much from the individual approaches each barrister took.

I got a taste of what the everyday life of a barrister entails, and realised how versatile and lively it can be. One day I would be in the county court, another the high court. This allowed me to see the practical application of the law in numerous scenarios.

In addition to being in court I was tasked with legal research, secretarial tasks and also some academic writing on the topic of aviation law. All of these, I learned, are too part of the work of a barrister which is not just attending court appointments.

Of course just by being present in the Temple every day I got a sense of the community there. The collegiate atmosphere was welcoming, while the evident history of the place made one feel part of an age old tradition.

I applied for the mini-pupillage in order to gain experience in the chambers but also to explore whether or not taking the bar could be a potential career path for me. I am happy to say I achieved both. After my time at chambers I now have a much clearer view of what such a career is like in reality and a better grasp on what is expected from potential pupils.

Rachel Norgate

Diverse, forward thinking and approachable are the words that instantly come to mind when thinking of Chambers.

I have had an extremely informative and enjoyable week on my mini pupillage. I think being able to see the inner workings of a Chambers is essential to helping decide whether a career as a barrister is for you and being able to gain this experience in the Chambers of Lawrence Powers has been invaluable.

Not only have I learnt about how to be successful in advocacy and negotiation, but I have also had the opportunity to gain an insight of how a business operates by having a glimpse of the work of Lawrence himself.

Throughout the week I have been able to attend court visits; look into case studies and the documents that accompany these and have the opportunity to talk to the barristers that make up the Chambers about the information I have read as well as their journey into the profession.

The team working within Chambers have an extremely friendly ambience and everyone seemed keen to assist with any questions that I had during the week.

I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone considering the Bar and would just like to take the opportunity to thank the Chambers again for their help, support and hospitality!

Diana Kostina

Diana Kostina was an Inner Temple Pegasus Scholar at the Chambers in July 2018. She is a Russian lawyer, who recently graduated from the University of Cambridge LL.M. program funded by the Chevening/Cambridge Scholarship. Before that, she read International Law at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the MFA of Russia, studied at the Arbitration Academy in Paris, and completed the Salzburg Law School summer course. She specializes in international law, with two years of experience at Moscow-based NGO focusing on international human rights law.

I would like to express my gratitude for my time at Whitestone Chambers. Such experiences as shadowing the Chambers' barristers at courts, doing research for a very dynamic transnational case, or drafting mock arguments for aviation disputes were particularly educative. I am thankful to the Chambers' Barristers and Legal Executives for making my placement insightful and valuable.

Alvin Joel “A.J.” Santos

Juris Doctor

South Texas College of Law


Before entering law school, I interned with 4KBW in the summer whilst traveling abroad on a gap year. I got to work alongside barristers to help prepare for a suit relating to interpleader proceedings over the ownership of armored vehicles in Iraq leased to the Australian government. I reviewed case files, evaluated legal issues, and presented my findings, which help honed my research and writing skills. It was indeed an interesting experience leaning about the complexities of international contracting in a war zone.

The members of 4KBW were very welcoming and friendly. I enjoyed the comradery in after hours social outings and participating in the London Legal Walk, which raised funds to support free legal advice charities in London. My internship at 4KBW has developed into lasting friendships and important networking contacts.

I would highly recommend anyone considering to enter the legal profession to take advantage of this unique work placement opportunity.

Shmaisah Butt

Social Mobility Foundation Candidate

Social Mobility Foundation


Over the summer, I was given the opportunity to spend four days at 4KBW by the Social Mobility Foundation. During my time at the chambers, I acquired a great insight to what a typical week is like for a barrister. Shadowing counsel during a two-day trial at a tribunal required me to sit in during meetings with the client as well as observe and learn about the cross-examination process. The involvement in the case allowed me to experience the hard work that goes into a case and enlightened me to pursue a career in law. I also built upon my communication skills as I was familiarised with the high level of communication proficiency practiced towards clients, solicitors and witnesses. In addition, I learned the importance of maintaining a good rapport between counsel and client.

In addition to this, during my time at 4 KBW, I got a chance to speak to barristers and trainees who all gave me great advice and guidance for my future. The Social Mobility Foundation work to ensure young people, such as me, develop vital skills required for our desired career paths; everyone at 4KBW did an excellent job in ensuring I got that to a high standard.

Jake Cassy

Bachelor of Laws

University of Portsmouth


Interning for two months at 4 King’s Bench Walk was a valuable and empowering experience. As a law student, the opportunity of working in a legal setting allowed me to use the skills I acquired from University.

Whilst at The Chambers of Lawrence Power, I gained an invaluable insight into Legal Practice, Legal Process and Business Strategy. I spent time alongside both the clerking team and the Head of Chambers. Working with the clerking team; I quickly understood how crucial their role is to the everyday running of the business. I learnt how to manage tenant’s dairies, develop business and use Meridian Law.

Working with the guidance of Lawrence Power, I learnt the importance of Marketing, Business Strategy, the Chambers’ reputation and image. I was exposed to all the areas of work Chambers undertakes, spanning from Commercial Contracts to Aviation disputes.

4 King’s Bench Walk is certainly a unique and niche set of Chambers, with a great group morale due to the approachable tenants and staff. I finished my internship at 4 King’s Bench Walk with a head full of knowledge and book full of contacts.

If you’re considering work experience at The Chambers of Lawrence Power, I highly recommend making an application.

Yuan Xing

Lawyer at Beijing Huanzhong & Partners

Bar Council, Chinese Lawyers Exchange


In 2014 I fortunately got the invitation from The Bar Council of England and Wales to take part in the training scheme for Chinese lawyers. During that scheme, I was arranged in 4KBW Chambers of Lawrence Power for 2 weeks placement.

The members at 4KBW deeply impressed me because they are all professional and warm-hearted. They brought me to the court as well as the case management conference, gave me various kinds of legal documents to read, answered each of my questions on legal issues, and discussed with me on the difference between English and Chinese legal systems, which are all valuable experience for me. Besides, in order to help me learn more on common law system, the Head of Chambers arranged me to draft some essays on several academic and practical topics. The members of the chambers showed me how to use the library, recommended books for me, and patiently answered every question I raised concerned. Furthermore, they even gave me so many tips and recommendations on London’s living and entertainment, which indeed helped me, as a foreigner, be accustomed to the brand new living environment quickly. I am very grateful for their help and care.

Although I just stayed in 4KBW for 2 weeks, it was one of the most wonderful experiences during my life. Staying with so many talented people during this placement, I learnt more on English law, gained valuable professional connection and friendship, which would definitely benefit my future life and career. I sincerely hope that I could have cooperation on the legal issues with the Chambers in the future.

Xing Yuan

Attorney at Law


Kayla M Matikonis

Bachelor’s Degree

Virginia Tech


While studying abroad in London this summer, I was fortunate enough to receive an internship with 4KBW. I knew this opportunity was once-in-a-lifetime, but I never could have foreseen the immense value it would have for my professional and personal growth as a pre-law student. During my time in chambers, I was able to utilize and fine-tune skills I have learned at Virginia Tech thus far, while also gaining an abundance of other knowledge that is essential to the trade. I attended court, researched various legal topics and drafted documents for clients, which really put into perspective the work I will have to do in the near future. Most importantly, through this internship, I have been able to conclude that I am on the right track towards my future and have what it takes to be successful in the legal profession. But, none of this would have been possible without the help of the members of chambers.

It’s hard for me to put into words all of the wonderful experiences I had at 4KBW because most of them require one to personally be immersed in the work and environment. The members of 4KBW are a fun and welcoming group of people and each individual is always willing to help answer a question or even just share a laugh. I am so thankful to have been able to work with and learn from such talented people. The knowledge, professional relationships, and friendships I gained through my time at 4KBW will truly stay with me forever.

Georgia Ferntiola Gianni


Queen Mary University of London


Coming from a civil law background in Greece, I felt that getting some hands on legal experience in London was essential after my LLM at Queen Mary University of London; the internship at 4KBW was the perfect opportunity for me. Having worked as a lawyer in Greece where all legal rules and statutes are codified exposure to English law and procedure made this internship a real challenge from the outset. The transition to a legal system where precedent dominates was easier for me thanks to this internship.

The type of work required from an intern in 4KBW changes every day meaning that you are constantly learning and developing new skills.

Members of chambers took the time to explain the work that they were doing and endeavoured to get me involved on many projects wherever possible. I assisted in a wide range of work including drafting and reviewing documents, legal research and being involved with negotiations over sale and purchase agreements.

The work can be challenging at 4KBW, but with this comes the reward of continuous development. All members of chambers really take your training seriously and take the time to explain everything in detail, which is really helpful. I always felt questions I had were always welcomed and answered.

Teamwork is highly promoted and evaluated creating a great work environment and allowing for the best possible service to be provided to clients. This opportunity gave me some great experience and highlighted 4KBW as a set with an open and friendly culture to all.

Maresa Vaciannia

Bachelor of Laws

De Montfort University


Interning at 4KBW for 6 months has been an enriching and invaluable experience. It has enabled me to apply skills and knowledge gained at university in an everyday setting. I have been allowed to experience life in the heart of the Temple working alongside barristers and clerks. During my first week I was given a variety of tasks to complete and issues to research, including corporate manslaughter, the Freedom of Information Act and the application of the tort of deceit to corporate liability.

I also answered the telephone and was taught the basics of meridian. I have attended important case conferences and visited the High Court, Magistrates Courts and County Courts watching barristers cross examine witnesses and argue cases. Every member of the set was helpful, patient, friendly and kind. Since leaving 4KBW I have been empowered with the confidence, skills and inspiration to further my career in the legal profession. I would sincerely recommend this internship to any law student as it definitely goes further than most work experience or mini pupillage placements. I am grateful for the time that was invested in me and believe this experience has given me a true insight to the commitment, hard work and dedication it takes to become a barrister.

Jessica Mundi

Bachelor of Laws

University of Reading


Interning at 4 King’s Bench Walk this past summer was an enriching experience. I was able to apply the skills and knowledge I had learned through my courses at my home university to almost all aspects of my position. It was great to see my coursework come alive. I will admit that on my first day of the internship I was overcome with a variety of emotions, I didn’t know what I would be doing or what to expect. But within the matter of hours I felt at home, everyone welcomed me with open arms and I immediately began to learn about English Law.

4 King’s Bench Walk isn’t like any other law firm or chambers I’ve ever come to know. The atmosphere within the chambers itself is organized yet relaxing, and remarkably friendly. No one person is given specific daily tasks to complete, everyone pitches in order to maintain a smoothly run office. During my time at 4KBW, I was given a variety of tasks to complete from creating web pages to taking notes. While completing these tasks I was able to work with almost all of the members of the chambers including the barristers, clerks and even the Head of Chambers. Each member of chambers possessed an abundance of skills and knowledge of which they instilled upon me during my time there. Their enthusiasm for their careers and passion for law was infectious and inspired me to want to take my career further. I will forever be grateful for the experience my internship afforded. The welcomed knowledge my new life long friends and colleagues shared will forever stay with me.

Geoffrey A. Easton

J.D. Candidate

University of Richmond


My internship at 4KBW provided a fantastic opportunity to experience a foreign legal system, while putting to use skills acquired from my legal education in the States. The internship challenged me on a daily basis, with tasks varying from constructing direct and cross examinations to participating in witness preparation and client interviews. It also allowed me to continue to improve my legal research skills, as the more challenging cases required extensive research into complex subject areas. Spending time with members of the chamber in and out of work also proved invaluable in experiencing firsthand the requirements of professionalism in law.

The best part about 4KBW, however, is the members of the chamber. It is filled with a fantastic group of individuals, who are more than willing to welcome in a new face and make them feel at home. Each has a strong understanding of the law and enjoys not only discussing their area of expertise, but answering any questions as well. The chamber has a fantastic atmosphere as well, and you’re guaranteed to spend time with its members not only inside the office, but outside as well. This family environment coupled with the opportunities for advancing legal skills makes interning with 4KBW an exceptional experience.

Nicola Dalais

BVC Graduate

Bar Standards Board


After completing the BVC I was called to the Bar in July 2010. Having not secured pupillage I was in that all too familiar position experienced by the majority of those finishing the BVC. With that said, I wanted to gain some experience that would enable me to demonstrate the skills I had learnt, skills that would be most relevant to pupillage.

That is what 4 King’s Bench Walk offers. It is one of the few sets offering a formal internship that goes far beyond mini-pupillage. You are given real work, real responsibility, and numerous opportunities to get involved in all aspects of chamber’s work and life.

My three months at 4 King’s Bench Walk were busy and challenging. The longer I stayed the more complex the work became. I conducted legal research, drafted pleadings and advices, and prepared trial bundles. I relished the opportunity to work on ‘real’ cases as my first taste of life at the Bar. I particularly enjoyed the exposure to the commercial and corporate side of practice, being areas I had no previous experience of. I also worked with the clerks occasionally, which enabled me to see how chambers are run from day to day. It was during my time in the clerk’s room that I came to understand the importance of organisation within chambers and of marketing.

However, it was not all work. 4 King’s Bench Walk is a professional, tight-knit, but, welcoming set. As such, the tenants and pupils were always happy to offer assistance with any work I had or to simply offer advice. I also attended court with counsel, a highlight of which included preparing bundles for, and attending a two day hearing in the High Court in an application to discharge a Freezing Injunction.

Whether you are a law graduate considering a career at the Bar, or have already completed the BVC, I would recommend this internship. It was an invaluable experience.

Daniel Villas Boas

Lawyer at Costa Ferreira Villas Bôas Advogados

Bar Council, Brazilian-British Lawyers’ Exchange Programme


Nine Brazil qualified lawyers attended the 2014 Brazilian British young lawyers exchange programme occurred in London, England, from 17th November to 12th December 2014.

Its comprehended a four-days training at BPP Law School, studying the English Legal System, international litigation (Jurisdiction and Choice of Law); Introduction to EU Law; UK Bribery Act; Principles of English Contract Law; Sales of Goods and International Trade and Arbitration and International Litigation.

Furthermore, the programme included one-week placement in a solicitors firm, two week in a Chamber of Barristers, evening seminars and a lot of drinking sessions, as well.

The most interesting question in this programme is WHY?

Why Brazilian Lawyers are:

  • Studding the English Legal System?
  • Investing money, time, setting their office aside to work in London?
  • Away from home, family, partners and own clients and revenue?

Why Bar Council, British barrister and solicitors:

  • Offering placement to Brazilian lawyers?
  • Offering to training Brazilian lawyers?
  • Investing time, money, set their office, clients, and families to hold a seminar?

From Brazilian side it is very simple, because in Brazil we have a Civil Law State, our institutions are quite new compared to British ones, we do not have such division between Solicitors and Barristers or century Chambers and libraries, the Clerk job role or the historical courts buildings.

We know whether we aiming to deliver a high level of international legal services to our clients we need to be among the utmost professionals rendering legal services in the world, the most qualified and most traditional on a world-wide basis and we must invest some time, money to learn with them.

We can realize from the investment made by British barristers and solicitors in this programme that we can work together, developing an international networking and better assisting our clients in cross board investments from Brazil to England and Whales and vice-versa.

Brazil is a key market to United Kingdom and our clients can benefit choosing the England and Whales jurisdiction and governing laws, the fast proceedings, freeze injunctions, and all the knowledge on international trading.

There is a potential market share to be improved, which certainly will bring growth and revenue to our offices, and happiness to professional involved in immersions on English legal system.

My personal experience at 4 King Bench Walks (4KBW) – The Chambers of Lawrence Power.

It was a huge pleasure had been placed to attend a short term programme in international and commercial litigation at 4KBW – The Chambers of Lawrence Power.

4KBW is leaded by Lawrence Power, a very passionate barrister, an inspiring mentor, a truly leader with lots of enthusiasm and energy. It is possible to see in his eyes how great is his love for been a barrister.

He is a real master who teaches and develops barrister and pupilages. He is an open-minded professional who only accept to deliver the highest level of excellence to the Chambers’ Clients in areas of international and commercial litigation.

The 4KBW Chambers has a modern approach and are heading to be even greater.

4KBW Chambers has a unique team of professionals with energy, enthusiasm, people who shares their thoughts and works in a very collaborative team working to achieve the high level of excellence in rendering legal services.

Furthermore the 4KBW – The Chambers of Lawrence Power is located in the heart of Honorable Society of Inner Temple, a very rich and historic place, where is located the famous Temple Church.

In this area, everyone is very proud to tell to visitors and pupilage or foreign barrister about the history that surrounds the place back to the middle of the 12th century, when the Military Order of the Knights Templar built a fine round church by the Thames, which became known as the Temple Church. Two centuries later, after the abolition of the Order in 1312, lawyers came to occupy the Temple site and buildings.

The Great Fire of London of 1666 destroyed many of the Inner Temple buildings and a series of subsequent fires and 20th century war damage were responsible for further losses. However, King's Bench Walk is one of the best-preserved chambers buildings in the Inner Temple, which date from the 17th century, which based there until the 19th century.

Although it is a historical building the 4KBW – The Chambers of Lawrence Power has a modern approach and are focusing in a continuing developing to anticipate the client’s needs in areas as Data Protection and Commercial Litigation.

A lawyer could not be more happy in working in this area and having some lunches in the Hall of Inner Temple, one of the ancient hall of the Knights of the Temple, a place where barristers, pupilages, judges has been studying in discussing the justice since 15th-century. It is amazing for a lawyer.

Daniel Villas Boas.

Verity Fowler

BPTC Graduate

Bar Standards Board


After completing the BPTC I was determined to practice at the self-employed Bar. I wanted a valuable, unique experience that would not only better my chances for pupillage but would give me a real insight into how chambers functioned. That is exactly what I gained from my internship at 4KBW.

From my first day I was immersed in Chambers life. For the first three weeks I worked directly with the senior clerk, in the heart of Chambers. From that experience alone I gained an insight into how Chambers functioned as a business, how it interacts with other professional bodies such as solicitors firms and the realities of day to day life from its successes to its challenges.

Throughout my internship I was given numerous opportunities to work with tenants, pupils and the head of chambers. I was treated as member of team which gave me the opportunity to conduct legal research, draft documents such as particulars of claim and prepare cases for trial. In one case in particular, I was fully immersed in its preparation for applications and later, trial. We worked as a team in completing each step, with the head of chambers fully involved in the process.

Looking back at my experience, what strikes me the most is how involved I became from the start and how much responsibility I was given. From day one I felt part of chambers. I was given researching tasks, drafting opportunities from tenants which allowed me to put my skills from the BPTC into practice in a real life setting. Even if I was not successful in each task, it was an invaluable learning tool and the work was incredibly rewarding.

From my internship, I have gained more than I anticipated. I built on my skills from the BPTC, gained a fuller understanding of substantive law and worked on cases which increased my confidence. Due to this experience, I have not only improved my chances of pupillage but my employability in the legal field.

Selina Bungsraz

BPTC Graduate

City Law School


After completing the BPTC, I wanted to undertake valuable work experience that would increase my chances of gaining a pupillage. That is exactly what an internship at 4KBW did for me.

At 4KBW, I was given numerous opportunities to put my legal knowledge and skills into practice. As well as conducting a substantial amount of legal research, I drafted legal documents such as witness statements and applications to the court. I shadowed counsel in court and in conferences. I worked on several cases at once, all of which were challenging and interesting. Looking back on my experience now, perhaps what strikes me the most about the internship is how much responsibility I was given. Applying the skills I had gained on the BPTC to real cases was an effective learning tool and incredibly rewarding.

However, the internship did not simply develop my skills and legal knowledge. It increased my confidence, which significantly affected my performance in pupillage interviews. Consequently, I secured pupillage just before finishing the internship.

In addition, the set is full of friendly, down to earth individuals who are only too happy to help. I was included in social events and the people I met in chambers became my good friends.

Alex Torres

I spent an entire summer interning in The Chambers of Lawrence Power and had a very positive experience. I was able to gain a first-hand account of how London’s legal system operates and spent a great deal of time in and around the Royal Courts of Justice and Temple district. As a recent UC Berkeley grad, I felt ready to take-on the world but this experience made me realize just how big the world really is. The members of chambers helped me improve as an individual and to come closer to the kind of person that I want to be.

Lawrence and the other barristers were very friendly and approachable throughout my two months as an intern. I gained experience doing legal research, writing case briefs and other law office tasks that will be useful for future internship and employment opportunities. Lawrence was very willing to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to me about his years of experience as a barrister and took a very proactive role as my mentor. Mina was also very friendly and knowledgeable from day 1 and I truly appreciate all the career and life advice that she offered. I grew attached to everyone in chambers and if I am ever in London again and given the opportunity, I would definitely come back.

As an American law student with an interest in practicing law internationally, this became my first real taste of what the legal world looks like outside the U.S. and has encouraged me to move forward with my career goals. I can truly think of no better way to have spent my summer.

Joshua T. Lavarine

During my time at Chambers, I felt as if I was a valued member of a team working towards a common goal: furthering the development of all aspects of chambers. Everyone from the Head of Chambers and Administration to the Pupils and Interns are hand selected because of their ability to bring new skills, market insights or progressive designs to a set which is remarkably future-focused.

Through the careful compiling of these individuals, chambers has created a culture of camaraderie which stimulates a desire for everyone to contribute an equal share of the work on any given project. Working with such outstanding individuals on a daily basis within an environment such as this was incredibly refreshing because each day was unique and filled with new responsibilities.

I worked closely with the Head of Chambers and I cannot say that I had a ‘typical day’ because every day had its own demands. However, there were three main types of days: (1) days preceding a trial; (2) marketing days; and (3) chambers administrative task days.

Prior to a trial, a barrister must manage many requirements and deadlines simultaneously. Under the direction of the Head of Chambers, I assisted in legal research, the compiling of court bundles and the dispatching of letters to the court as well as to opposing counsel. At these times, I worked closely with the Pupils who were doing similar tasks. These days were the busiest, but also the most exciting because there was a real sense of urgency in the preparation and a further sense of satisfaction in a job well-done. On multiple occasions those who assisted were allowed to attend the hearings in which they helped prepare.

Marketing days predominately consisted of arranging meetings with senior solicitors and C-level executives. Most of the pre-meeting communication was completed electronically via email; however, it was not uncommon to speak with these individuals over the telephone or on LinkedIn. Once the meetings were arranged, the Head of Chambers would meet with the individuals to discuss the benefits of using chambers for all of their legal needs. I had the opportunity to attend, observe and sometimes participate in the meetings that I helped to arrange.

Both before and after the meetings, I was responsible for carrying out customer relationship management (C.R.M.) techniques, which included managing a spreadsheet of all communications. This practice helped to ensure that no connection was overlooked and helped to create a rapport with chambers’ network.

The third type of day – a ‘chambers administrative task’ day – was the most varied of all days because it ranged from organising the yearly Christmas party to hand delivering a court bundle to the Royal Courts of Justice. No task was too large or small because in the end, the overriding ethos was present throughout the working day: furthering the development of all aspects of chambers.

My time at the Chambers of Lawrence Power was an incredible experience because for months, I was able to immerse myself into the varied and stimulating life of a self-employed barrister. I made relationships that I believe will last a lifetime because the people at this set truly care for my future and well-being. I hope that further along in my career path, I can once again be a part of this fantastic group of individuals that make up an extraordinary set of chambers and until that time, I cannot thank them enough and I wish them all the best.

Dinuka Kottegoda

Having moved to London, as a lawyer qualified in Sri Lanka, securing legal work was a challenge. However, Lawrence gave me the opportunity to work with him at 4KBW for the most part of 2017. I was hired at a time when 4KBW was undergoing important changes.

Working directly with Lawrence has offered me invaluable opportunities and experiences. I was given the opportunity to work on real cases where I conducted research, drafted skeleton argument, prepared trial bundles and attended court hearings.

Lawrence has an impressive collection of material to conduct research on. In addition, Lawrence encourages you to use the Inner Temple library which is located just opposite Chambers.

Lawrence is a passionate barrister who has a modern approach and formulates legal strategy for his clients and cases. There have been a few occasions where, my colleagues and I, have dashed to the Royal Courts of Justice in order to ensure that documents were filed according to the litigation strategy developed by Lawrence. Lawrence always takes time to appreciate the hard work you do and makes it a pleasure to work for him.

Lawrence also takes a great deal of time and care to ensure he teaches you, and, he adopts a unique method. He taught me lessons on English Civil Procedure that I will never forget.

Working for Head of Chambers also exposed me to other aspects of Chamber life. Lawrence guided me through his thought process and strategy for managing Chambers, marketing and how to smoothly transition the name of the Chamber from 4KBW to Whitestone Chambers. I am confident that the lessons and exposure he gave me will be invaluable the day I run my own law firm.

During my time in Chambers, I was in the process of qualifying as a Solicitor in England and Wales. Lawrence, took time out of his busy day, to offer me guidance on very important aspects such as client care and interviewing. I am very grateful for all the help he offered me on a personal level.

4KBW is a very pleasant place to work. Lawrence, Rob and John were very helpful and approachable individuals. The tenants and the pupils adopted a similar approach making it a very close-knit team. It was a pleasure for me to work with all of them and I have made very good friends at Chambers.

Working at 4KBW has certainly opened doors for me and helped in achieving my goal of finding dispute resolution related work in London.

Tasnim Rahman

After completing my BPTC, I was very much looking forward to experiencing legal work in a commercial set of chambers. The six months spent at Chambers has been an enriching and invaluable experience. I was fortunate to join 4KBW during an important transitional period for Chambers which enabled me to broaden my legal experience in different areas of the Chambers.

The outcome I wanted out of this work experience was to have an unique experience that would both better my chances for pupillage and to give me a real insight into the career in the Commercial Bar. I am grateful to say that this experience has exceeded my expectations.

Throughout my internship, I was immersed in Chambers life and have been given opportunities to work with tenants, pupils, clerk and the head of legal operation. I worked directly with the Head of Chambers, Lawrence Power who has provided me opportunities to work on cases alongside him for which I conducted research, prepared trial bundles. I have developed the invaluable skill of legal research and analysis skills which has been acquired by reading and evaluating the legal arguments of case bundles.

Working directly with Head of Chambers who always takes a unique and realistic approach in solving client queries and legal problems has encouraged me to develop my skills. He has been an excellent mentor who has given me his valuable time to teach me not only how to solve practical legal problems, but also guided me through Chambers’ administration work, marketing and working on the new website which was an integral part of Chambers’ transition from 4KBW to Whitestone Chambers.

I have also been given the incredible opportunity to read case files to evaluate the legal arguments in ongoing cases which has helped me to put my academic knowledge to a practical perspective. I have used my research skills to research and write blog pieces which was then carefully checked by Head of Chambers. He then has always provided me with valuable feedback and constructive criticism which motivated me to work harder to achieve the standard he requires. I was expected to work on several cases and tasks at the same time which was mentally stimulating and made the experience more interesting. I am grateful as I was entrusted with these responsibilities and was given freedom to carry out the tasks. This acted as a confidence booster and applying my skills and knowledge acquired from BPTC to real cases was so rewarding.

I immensely enjoyed my time at 4KBW because of how welcoming and co-operative the set is. Everyone at Chambers are very friendly, helpful and down to earth individuals. They actively included me in the organization of Chambers’ events and parties. The tenants and pupils have a strong understanding of the law and was always eager to answer any questions which involved their area of expertise. Lawrence has always gone above and beyond to make us feel comfortable with the tasks. This friendly yet professional environment along with opportunities to advance my legal skills have made this experience exceptional and worthwhile. I am grateful for the invaluable advice provided to me and look forward to using this experience in advancing my career.

Work Placement

Chambers runs two work placement programs; one for international candidates and a second program for UK based individuals. Interning in a professional work environment is not only a commendable achievement but an exceptional learning experience. When interning at Whitestone Chambers, you will do just that- learn. Interns will learn the vital components of Chambers as well as what it takes to be a barrister.

They will closely monitor other members of Chambers in order to pinpoint the skills necessary to become a member of Chambers. By the end of the internship, we hope that interns will gain the skills necessary to succeed in a professional work environment.

To apply, please send your updated CV, 2 reference letters and a cover letter explaining your interests in the Bar and Whitestone Chambers, giving an indication of the dates when you will be available for the next 6 months.

Below are the testimonials from candidates that have joined us in Chambers. Each piece is published unedited so read on if you wish to know what former interns think of Chambers.

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After completing the BPTC, I wanted to undertake valuable work experience that would increase my chances of gaining a pupillage...

Alex Torres

I spent an entire summer interning in The Chambers of Lawrence Power and had a very positive experience. I was able to gain...

Joshua T. Lavarine

During my time at Chambers, I felt as if I was a valued member of a team working towards a common goal: furthering the development...

Dinuka Kottegoda

Having moved to London, as a lawyer qualified in Sri Lanka, securing legal work was a challenge. However, Lawrence gave me the...

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After completing my BPTC, I was very much looking forward to experiencing legal work in a commercial set of chambers. The six months...