Apple’s New iOS 15.1 Feature Allows Users To Customise Text Sizes For All Applications

Whitestone I.T. Team here. Did you know that there is a brand spanking new iOS 15 iPhone feature that allows users to customise text size within individual applications on their phones that means users do not have to constantly deal with the unaccommodating text displays in some applications, as users previously had to before the iOS 15 feature?

How to access the new iOS 15 feature?

Many users do not know about this new feature as each individual needs to unlock the text size widget on their phones before use:

First, the user needs to open the Settings application then,

Second, press the Control Center button and find the Text Size option.

Next to the Text Size option, there should be a green plus sign to allow the user to add the widget to their list of active tools.

After that is completed, users are able to go to any application within their phone and open the Control Center by swiping down from the right corner of the screen (or up from the bottom of your iPhone has a Home button). There, users will find the text size icon and see the sliding scale that users can use to change the size of the text within that specific application.

Users should note that if they do not see the Control Center when using the application, they can:

(1) Open the text size icon using the Notification Center instead, or

(2) Enter Settings application again, tap Control Center and make sure the Access within apps toggle switch at the top of the screen is turned on. Once this is turned on users should be able to access the Control Center within an application.

Additional tips to note when using the new iOS 15 feature

  • The system-wide text size change only spans between 80% – 135% however, for individual applications, the size can be increased up to 310% its default size.
  • Changes occur independently within an individual application and across all applications. For example, if the user had previously set one application’s text size 160% larger than the default setting and then, across all applications, changed the text size 135% larger, the previous application will not match up to the 135% larger change. The user will have to then follow the steps above to change the text size within that individual application.
  • Icons and buttons will not change size with the words on the screen.
  • Changes may take immediate effect in some applications, but the user might need to reload other applications before seeing a difference.

We here at Whitestone Information Technology team hope that this was a useful article for all you iPhone users. More tips to come.

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