Sony updates PS4 to honour Black Lives Matter

Ahead of its PlayStation 5 release on November 12th, Sony have updated the PS4 with a new theme. Centred around the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement the theme is sleek and simple; gold lines run across the black screen with a fist and the words, Black Lives Matter. Free to download from the PlayStation store, the design delivers a clear message and hits home. 2020 has seen increasing levels of police brutality against black communities and on the 25th May it all came to a head with the death of George Floyd. Sparking outrage among many, the death made the BLM movement better known and triggered a series of worldwide protests. Sony’s new theme speaks up for the movement and is a move that has signalled many others’ to do the same. It is not enough for companies to be silent – there must be clear support and vocalisation for BLM and communities that are attacked.

Sony’s new theme signals a need for companies to be more vocal about their ideals. The theme is only a small part of their involvement for BLM and they regularly show support for the movement across their social media platforms. In May Sony tweeted, “being silent about the violence and racism black people experience is being complicit. We stand in solidarity today and everyday with the black community.”[1] Their loud voice in the movement has created a wave with others’ in the gaming community including EA Games, Nintendo and Microsoft who have all shown their support. Sony have shown that using their platform to promote BLM and equality for all has a significant impact on the community and if companies around the globe would do the same – it could lead to big change.

The new BLM’S theme comes in preparation for their unveiling of PS5 in November. Users can expect a brand-new subscription feature called Game Help that will provide them with tips and tricks on what they are playing. The PS5 will be available in both the standard and digital edition and will cost between £300 to £400.


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