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In the competitive world of aviation, airlines are constantly trying to outshine their rivals. Aerospace companies are continuously looking at alternatives on how to advance current passenger experience.

Over 500 exhibitors attended the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, this is the biggest showcase for cabin innovation. Several exhibitors presented new in-flight entertainment systems, new seats, lights, materials and creative layout ideas.

Below is a list of the key trends discovered at the show.

Feel at home.

Airlines are going for a “warmer” feeling. Lantal Textiles AG, an aircraft fabric manufacturer produced softer cabin curtains with a plush three-dimensional weave. They also showcased flooring that sets a relaxing atmosphere in the cabin space.

Mood lighting is quite a popular element at the moment. Collins Aerospace have launched a reading lamp with many applications ranging from large spot to small target, with complete colour options, removing the need for extra elements such as sidewall lighting.

Relax in economy.

Recaro Holding GmbH have released a redesign of their CL3710 back-of-the-cabin seat which has been built specifically for long haul flights, featuring sleeping aids such as a wraparound head support and a retractable ledge allowing extensions of the seat and additional thigh support. We really want to see this one in production.

Airbus is introducing a new seating idea, called the settee corner. This will leave passengers with a bench that they can use for meetings or use the extra space to take a nap.

Scent and sensibility.

Panasonic Avionics Corp have created an air-deodorizing system that will keep their aircraft smelling fresh, this will purify the air and reduce bacteria. Passengers can now say goodbye to that decayed cabin smell. Fit ASAP please.

Mapping it out.

In-flight maps have always been a popular feature, however now they will be tailored to each passenger. Panasonic is publishing a map that contains passengers personal travel information, including their loyalty program and a combination of their entertainment features. This will be up and running next year.

Smart bins.

Airbus wants to introduce smarter bins overhead with sensors that track the weight of luggage. Eventually they want to start allowing customers to book their own bin space as this will allow cabin crew to monitor the amount of luggage on board. This cannot come to soon and can remove the worry of will I get my luggage in an overhead next to me.

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