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International Commercial Practice


Barristers have unrivalled experience as advocates in England and Wales. Unlike solicitors, every barrister has the right to appear in all courts in England and Wales. Where litigation is pursued in the English courts, a solicitor is used to instruct the barrister. The role of a barrister is not only as advocate but also as an expert. As an expert, barristers advise on particular questions of law and draft agreements and formal pleadings.

Barristers are individual practitioners and as such their independence guarantees against conflict of interest, a potential problem for lawyers practising in partnership. The status of barristers as sole practitioners also allows barristers to market their professional service without the costs of an elaborate administration.

In the case of litigation taking place outside England and Wales, a barrister may be appointed direct. Barristers may be instructed directly in international arbitrations held anywhere in the world, including England and Wales. Foreign clients with advisory problems can also instruct barristers direct to obtain written or oral advice.

International Commercial Practice:

Barristers at Whitestone Chambers have acted for a number of years for a large number of commercial clients worldwide. Members of chambers can offer international commercial clients advisory drafting and dispute resolution services. As commercial specialists each barrister understands the commercial objectives of their clients.

Members of chambers regularly advise on and draft a wide variety of commercial agreements. All of the barristers profiled below are experiences advocates, well versed in dispute resolution. All have appeared in the highest courts of England and Wales. Some members of chambers are admitted in other jurisdictions and have taken deposition in the United States. All are able to appear in arbitrations, tribunals and public hearings both at home and overseas, subject to local law.

Direct Access for Overseas Attorneys and Clients

Direct access to member of chambers is available to overseas attorneys and clients under the Overseas Practice Rules of the Bar of England and Wales (see further below) and the Direct Professional Access Rules of the Bar. Member of chambers regularly travel to the United States, the Far East and Europe to meet clients. In addition, Whitestone Chambers also offers the use of its facilities to visiting overseas attorneys and clients as venue for arbitrations and taking depositions.


All members profiled on this web site are contactable by email & DDI. Chambers has the latest video conferencing technology and members are able to conduct conference by video conference (vid: +44 (0)20 7822-8830) or in person anywhere around the world.


Our Expertise

While individual members of chambers focus on a number of specialist areas, the range of commercial work undertaken by Whitestone Chambers as a whole is extremely broad, including:
  • Banking
  • Commercial fraud and other areas of white collar crime
  • Commercial Contractual Disputes
  • Environmental Law
  • EU Competition Law
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology
  • Insolvency
  • Dispute Resolution




Reported and Notable Cases

  • R (on the application of Miller and another) (Respondents) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (Appellant) [2017] UKSC 5 (Precedent) In a joint judgment of the majority, the Supreme Court held that an Act of Parliament was required to authorise ministers to give Notice of the decision of the UK to withdraw from the European Union. Each of the dissenting justices gives a separate judgment



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